Olive oil Sector

The olive oil sector contributes 5% to the national agricultural GDP. Covering an area of 922,000 hectares, the national farms have a total production of around 1,500,000 tons of olives. The country also produces 160,000 tons of olive oil and 90,000 tonnes of table olives. In terms of exports, 17,000 tons of olive oil and 64,000 tons of table olives can be found on international markets. The main regions of production cover almost the entire country, except for the Atlantic coastal strip. The main variety produced are the "Moroccan Picholine" up to 96% of plantations. But there are also other varieties such as Languedoc Picholine, Manzanilla, Picual, Hojiblanca, Arbequina, Ascolana Dura Frontoio, Gordal, etc.

Objectives by 2020

Area (Ha) 1 220 000
Total production in olives (T)
- Olive oil
- Table olives
2 500 000
330 000
320 000
Internal consumption (Kg/habitant/an)
- Olive oil
- Table Olives
Exportation (T)
- Olive oil
- Table olives and pomace
120 000
80 000