Agro-industry Sector

Thanks to the combined efforts of public authorities and private economic stakeholders, the Moroccan sector of agri-business has experienced a sustained growth over the last decade. Its contribution to gross domestic product has become important at the present time.

The sector demonstrates its full potential given the comparative advantages it enjoys, especially regarding the climate and crop biodiversity of Morocco, the quality of its human resources and free trade agreements with the European Union, the Arab countries and United States of America.

2015 Export key figures




The main products exported during 2015 are vegetable oils, with a share of 29%, aromatic and medicinal plants followed by canned olives and frozen fruits and vegetables and canned with respective shares of 19% and 17%.



MOROCCAN AGRO-INDUSTRY products are exported to 110 countries around the world



Regarding external markets, the European Union and North America receive more than 80% of Moroccan exports of processed vegetable products. France remains the main client of the Kingdom with a turnover of US $ 120 million, followed by Spain and the United States of America.