The Interprofessional Moroccan Federation of Production and Export of Fruit and Vegetables (FIFEL)

The FIFEL was founded by the associations of production, development and export of Fruits and Vegetables. It aims to:

  • Define interprofessional positions on all issues relating to the fruit and vegetables sector on the legislative and regulatory level;
  • Promote productions of the sector at national and international level;
  • Support, within the framework of the interprofession, consultation and coordination among operators in the sector at all levels;
  • Participate, discuss permanently with departments and agencies any national strategy regarding the interprofession of Fruit and Vegetables;
  • Contribute by all means to the preservation and protection of the environment;
  • Develop the socio-economic wellbeing of its members

The fruits and vegetables has six branches of activities represented in professional organizations adherent to FIFEL: 

  • APEFEL : Association of Producers Exporters of Fruit and Vegetables
  • ASPEM : Association of Producers Exporters of Market gardens
  • AMCEF: Moroccan Association of Conditioners and Exporters of Red Fruits
  • AMPFR : Moroccan Association of Producers of Red Fruits
  • AMCOM : Moroccan Association of Conditioners of Market Gardens
  • AMAPM : Moroccan Association of Nurseries of Market Gardens



  • Adresse :Chambre d'Agriculture de la Région Souss Massa Drâa, Nouveau quartier administratif- Haut Founty- Agadir
  • Tél : +212 (0) 5 28 22 99 17 / 29 21 74
  • Fax : +212 (0) 5 28 22 82 34
  • Email :
  • Président : M. Lahoucine ADARDOUR